m's chicchi

m's chicchi means Mochizuki's children―Works produced by Mochizuki.

A clothing brand launched by Japanese actor, Shusei Mochizuki. He expresses individual designs on the concept of Good old American art. m's chicchi proposes you comfortable unisex clothes which are designed with a focus on the cutting and graceful curve lines.

m's chicchi

m's chicchiとは ― モチヅキの子供達、モチズキが手掛けたもの。

日本の俳優 望月柊成(もちづきしゅうせい)が手掛けるファッションブランド。 アメリカンカルチャーデザインアートをコンセプトにカッティングや 流れる曲線を大切にし着心地とデザインを追求した男女問わず着られる服を提案。


2014年、「m's chicchi」を発表。同年SSより本格始動した。 ファッションに携わる以前より、絵や立体物、グラフィックの制作経験も豊富で、二科展入選の経歴も持つ。またアート展や演劇ユニットM2を立ち上げるなど、アートワークの制作を精力的に行っている。

Shusei Mochizuki

Born in New York in 1979. Japanese Korean. Started appearing on magazines and TV as a teen model. Begins an acting career in 1996 when signing a deal with a major production company. After being featured in films, TV programs, and theater productions, becomes independent in 2013. Releases "m's chicchi" in 2014. Started actively from SS in the same year.
Experienced in graphic art such as drawings and 3D even before getting involved in fashion, and has won an award in the Nishina Gallery. Also, has launched art galleries and a theater group called M2 focusing in the production of artwork.